Testimony & Experience Sharing

January 15, 2010

Dear all,

This section is specially created to let us share our experince of using cloth diapers with the other readers as we can learn from each either the best way to cloth diaper our little ones. For those who have shared their precious experince with us, we would like to thank you for your effort. We really appreciate it!!


“thanks asirah for introducing CD to me… have tried it…and guess what…. very satisfied…. !! Now… my baby fully CD… (only on weekend with her lovely mama…) haha… at least something .. So… Mama out there…. why not… start now!!!”

Pn. Siti Nurhaizi Badron

July 20, 2009

“dear asirah n sis ira… tx a lot for keep encourging me to use the cd…well actually kat rumah cik abg yg basuh bju aisyah using hand wash…that’s 1 of the 1000 reason why i’m so reluctant to use the cd..but after aisyah has a very bad nappy rash, n with the sugestion from the doc, we had no option but 2 change using cd n now it’s very rare 4 my baby to get nappy rash..tx tu lunatot n GH.. not forgotten both of u for selling it at very affordable price..now i’m promoting you website to family n fren….”

Pn. Faizura Isma

Jan 15, 2010


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