Night Diapering: How To Prevent Leaks

August 25, 2009

Use Pocket Diapers with Doubled Inserts

Some pocket diaper inserts can hold up to the task of keeping a heavy-wetting baby dry at night, but other babies require diapers that work double-duty. If pocket diapers are your preferred night-time diaper, try placing two, or even three, inserts into the pocket. If possible, consider using an oversized diaper to make the task of double-stuffing a cloth diaper more feasible.


Use Covers, even on All-in-Ones and Pocket Diapers

Even diapers that don’t ordinarily require covers can benefit from a cover at night. If your family uses all-in-ones or pocket diapers for your heavy-wetting baby, try adding PUL diaper covers, like Bummi’s Super Whisper Wraps or Proraps, to your bedtime cloth diapering routine. These covers, used in conjunction with an all-in-one or pocket diaper, are practically bullet-proof.


Double or Triple-Layer Prefolds

It may be uncomfortable during the day to layer prefold cloth diapers one on top of the other, but it’s one of the only ways to make them truly leak-proof at night if your baby wets heavily. Try laying two, or, if possible, three diapers and snapping or pinning them as usual, then use a PUL cover to add leak resistance. The result will stop leaks from even the heaviest-wetting cloth diapered baby.


Use a Soaker or Added Front

Many cloth diapering outlets and work-at-home-moms make soakers or fronts to add to almost any kind of cloth diaper. These absorbant strips of hemp velour, fleece, or cotton soak up baby’s urine and stop bed-time leaks. They wick moisture away from baby’s body, also possibly preventing diaper rash and other irritations.


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