Lunatots New Batch

August 21, 2009

Kindly click the link below to get the details of Lunatots new batch. There are some new features introduced as an improvement to the existing ones.

Lunatots Katalog Baru


Main new features are:

  • The one-size pocket diaper is now available in 2 options:
    • CD + 1 insert (same as existing one)
    • CD + 2 inserts (the 2nd insert is longer in size)
  • All-in-One (AIO) is available (SNAP only). AIO means the insert (1 pc) is sewn together with the diaper, hence no seperate insert is required.
  • All CDs have 4 adjustable sizes i.e S, M, L and XL (previously only up to L size) which are suitable for 2 mth baby up to 17kg.
  • All CDs come in 15 beautiful colors
  • Printed CDs are introduced whereby 3 patterns can be chosen.
  • Wet bag now come in zip instead of rope.

Those are basically the new/ extra features for the new Lunatots batch. We welcome any questions about this.


Color code new

New range of colors


Lunatots - velcro cow minky

Printed CD: Cow Minkey


 lunatots - velcro camouflage1

Printed CD: Camouflage Pink


lunatots - velcro camouflage2

Printed CD: Camouflage Green


So, place your order now to ensure that you will get what you want!!!


4 Responses to “Lunatots New Batch”

  1. adinsa Says:

    lunatots baru nih lagi besar dari yg lama ke???

  2. Asirah Says:

    Hai Adinsa, ye betul, Lunatots bari ni lebih besar saiz dari yg lama. Boleh guna dr newborn hingga 17kg. The adjustable button kat depan tu sekarang boleh diadjust kpd 4 saiz – S, M, L & XL.

    Thanks ye for asking…:)

  3. dayana Says:

    hi u,

    i nak order yg Lunatots Onesize Cloth Diaper – Printed Velcro (Green Camo)masih ada stock? berapa utk 1 unit CD?

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