Hot!! August Promotion!!

August 6, 2009


August is definitely a ‘hot’ month with this irresistable promotion. Don’t miss this out. This is a real offer.


Package 1: 2 GH + 1 KS = RM130 (save RM11)

Package 2: 2 KS + 1 GH = RM127 (save RM11)

Package 3: 3 GH = RM130 (save RM14)

Package 4: 3 KS = RM125 (save RM10)


Each CD comes with 2 inserts. Get the details of GH and KS CD.

This offer will last 21st August 2009…

Hurry, place your order now. Believe us, THIS IS DEFINITELY A REAL OFFER!!


2 Responses to “Hot!! August Promotion!!”

  1. alin Says:

    asm, kak sirah

    saya nak package 1 ada lagi tak? kalau boleh nak segera. mlm esok ke saya ambil..


  2. Asirah Says:

    Salam Alin,

    As per my sms ye 🙂

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