Potty Seats and Accessories

August 4, 2009

How do you make your bathroom child-friendly?

You can do a lot to help your child approach toilet training so that it’s comfortable for you both. Two things, in particular, will make the process less intimidating: a child-friendly seat or potty chair, and books that explain using the bathroom from a child’s point of view.

Potty seats

Toilets are scary for many young children. If your child wants nothing to do with the big toilet, give him a potty chair of his own to help him feel in control.

On the other hand, some kids are intrigued by the toilet. If that’s the case, all you might need is a padded seat with a narrow opening that you attach to your toilet to make it more comfortable. Choose a child’s seat with handles that fits over the toilet bowl so your child feels completely secure.

Some seats even have water-filled cushions or play music when your child uses them. Others have steps to make it easier to reach the toilet – and later convert to a step stool that gives kids a welcome boost for tooth brushing and hand-washing. Tiny floating markers to aim at can encourage boys to use the toilet.

Age range: You’ll want to buy a potty chair when your child is about 18 months old, and put it in the bathroom so she can get used to it long before she’s ready to try it. Most kids won’t use the potty chair or seat longer than a year – it just eases the transition to the big toilet.

Bottom line: Prices range from RM20 to RM150 for a traditional wooden potty or a high-tech plastic potty. Soft seats to cushion big toilets run RM20 to RM70.


Potty accessories

Parents who’ve gone through toilet training say these two things help most in convincing youngsters to leave diapers behind: 1) an older sibling and 2) a book that makes the potty seem fun. If there’s no older sibling, choose a potty book your child will love. Instructive videos for parents can also be helpful.

Age range: Again, you’ll be ahead of the game if your child is familiar with the idea of toilet training before she’s ready to try. Start reading potty books at 18 or 20 months to give her lots of time to adjust to the concept.

Bottom line: Books and videos cost between RM15 and RM30– pretty reasonable when you consider that they’ll make toilet training go more smoothly


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