How To Use Cloth Diaper?

May 21, 2009

1)      With each purchase of cloth diaper, you will get either one or two inserts. You can try to use one insert first; if you find it is necessary, then you can use two inserts.

2)      It is advisable to pre-wash both the diaper and inserts before using it for the first time to ensure their absorbency and cleanliness.

3)      To use it, put in the insert(s) inside the diaper. 

4)      Once the diaper needs to be changed, you just take the insert out rinse both diaper and insert before putting them into the washing machine. If it is soiled, wash the poo poo down the toilet bowl, rinse them and put them into the washing machine. Make sure that you use the detergent without softener to ensure the inserts absorbency.

5)      Make sure that the diaper is put on laundry tabs before washing.

6)     Once the washing is done, you can dry them under the fan or uner the sun!! 🙂



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