My Own Experience

May 15, 2009

I first heard about cloth diaper when I read a discussion about it in one forum on the internet. I was then aware of the benefits of using the cloth diaper, but I was thinking that it’s inefficient for me to cloth diaper my son since he is with the baby sitter during the day where I think it would trouble her if my son using cloth diaper. I also had the idea that the cloth diaper is not suitable to be used at night as it might require frequent changes or else it will leak.

 So, I never had an intention to try the cloth diaper until I found this blog where a mother shared her experience using cloth diaper. She said that she wonders why there are still many of us not using close diaper as for her it is so convenient to use.

 I decided to try cloth diapering my son. So, I bought 3 cloth diapers online (as it was cheaper to buy in three) and I hope that I have chosen a good brand. Since I still send my son to the babysitter during the day, I just use cloth diaper at night and during the weekend. I will change my son to cloth diaper before he sleep (around 8 – 9pm) and the next change would only be in the morning before we left our home for work. There was no leakage and the fabric that directly touches the baby’s skin stayed dry. Only the inserts (it’s like towels that we put inside the diaper) that will drink up and trap the water. My son also seemed so happy and comfortable wearing it. I will just rinse the diaper and the inserts and put them in the washing machine. It’s so easy for me. If my son poo poo, I just need to use the hose to wash the poo down the toilet before rinsing it.

 For weekends, I am fully cloth diapering my sons. For me, using cloth diaper is really worth it, it’s not only about saving your money; it is also about saving your environment and the most important thing it’s for your baby’s sake. I noticed that there is no more rash problem for my son. He is happy and I am happy for him. I am comfortable and happy with the brand that I chose and I want to share it with all mommies out there.

So, let’s go for cloth diapers!!!


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