About Us

May 13, 2009

Welcome to SeeraGallery!! We are here to provide a convinient place for you to shop for yourselves and your little ones. We assure you that we provide the best quality of products at a reasonable and affordable price because we are also the user of the products like you. We are very committed in giving you the best service. Take your own sweet time to see all our products and if interested, please let us know :). We welcome any comments/ questions or feedbacks from you.


4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. mama kautsar Says:

    thanks asirah for introducing CD to me… have tried it…and guess what…. very satisfied…. !! Now… my baby fully CD… (only on weekend with her lovely mama…) haha… at least something .. 😉 So… Mama out there…. why not… start now!!!

  2. Asirah Says:

    Izi, terima kasih untuk feedback yang diberikan. Appreciate it so much. Memang berCD ni memberi kepuasan yang tak dapat nak digambarkan, walaupun memerlukan effort yg lebih sedikit. Sama seperti BF. So, apalagi, jom sama2 berCD!!

  3. fai Says:

    dear asirah n sis ira…
    tx a lot for keep encourging me to use the cd…well actually kat rumah cik abg yg basuh bju aisyah using hand wash…that’s 1 of the 1000 reason why i’m so reluctant to use the cd..but after aisyah has a very bad nappy rash, n with the sugestion from the doc, we had no option but 2 change using cd n now it’s very rare 4 my baby to get nappy rash..tx tu lunatot n GH.. not forgotten both of u for selling it at very affordable price..now i’m promoting you website to family n fren….

    • Asirah Says:

      Thanks a lot for your feedback Fai. We really appreciate it. We do agree that the husband’s understanding and involvement in cloth diapering is vital. Lucky for you because your husband is very helpful. Congratulations to both of you. And thanks for promoting our website…hugs and kisses to Aisyah 🙂

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